Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Who the hell is Hinge?

My name is Michael Hengl, I live in Oakland, California, and I play with little toy soldiers.  Specifically Warhammer Fantasy.    A look at the calendar tells me I am 45 years old.  Yeah, that puts me in the “damn that dude is old!” category of the hobby.  The fact is I have only been playing been playing since 2004.  I guess I was a late bloomer when it comes to the hobby!

Old Man of the Sea Hinge
Waagh Paca Jan. 2013.  
The beard and 18 layers of clothes are gone now.  

Actually I fell into the hobby when I discovered a hobby shop called EndGame on a walk to the farmers market with my wife and 3 year old son.  I did play Dungeons and Dragons as a teenager but had dropped it during college.  I dedicated most of my time to a career and my other passion, basketball.  I played in leagues. I played on the black tops. I played in rented gyms. I played where ever I could find a game and was playing 4 days a week.   I loved the competition and the social aspect of the sport.  A son and a shattered leg pretty much ended my basketball playing days.   So I walked into Endgame in search of something to occupy my free time.  Storm of Chaos was in full swing and I bought a couple models and paints.  Soon after, I fell in with a club called Leadership 2, who had just moved its base to Endgame.  I found a home.  They introduced me to tournament Warhammer and it was exactly what I was looking for, competition with a great social element.  In the last year, I also became a member of the Hangover Heroes of Texas.  Now I have a great group of friends in two different states that share my enjoyment of Warhammer and drinking. 

Club Banners-Quake City Rumble Jul. 2013
yes, I like donuts as well as beer!

I have an amazingly understanding wife and a job that allows me to travel to tournaments.  Since 2009, I have attended Battle of Beale in Tennessee; Alamo, Lonewolf, Bayou Battles-all in Texas; Adepticon in Illinois; Waagh Paca in Wisconsin; Socal Slaughter and West Coast GT in Southern California; and many, many tournaments here in Northern California.  Many of these I have attended multiple times and have earned my share of awards.  This makes me a pretty well-traveled tournament player. I also am the chief TO for the Quake City Rumble, a 100+ player tournament in San Francisco.   It’s these experiences I want to share in a blog. 

I plan to write about the tournaments I attend, the occasional battle report, tactical articles, hobby updates, lists, general tournament topics, running a tournament, and anything that takes my fancy.

So I hope you will find the blog entertaining and informative.


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