Friday, July 26, 2013

I have had a chance to look over the data for the Quake City Rumble.  With 103 players and every army represented, there is plenty of interesting things to look for.  I thought I would look at the simple, how each army performed.

Warning, wall of numbers incoming!

The Quake uses a W/L/D system.  Points assigned are 16-12-8.  There were 4 bonus points available for each game which changed with the scenario.  5 rounds were played so the range was 40-100.

I would also comment that I feel that this is the softest field army composition wise I have ever seen at the Quake.  Rodge of Point Hammered was one of our comp judges and he even comments on one of his podcasts how he felt it was pretty soft.  There were few optimized lists in attendance.

So a look at average battle scores:

Army                  Average
Dark Elves               81
Ogres                       73.5
Skaven                       71.88
High Elves               70.55
WoC                       70.31
Tomb Kings               70.25
Chaos Dwarves       69.4
Empire                       68.12
Wood Elves               68
Vampire Counts       66.71
Beast Men               66
O&G                       65.67
Bretts                       63.8
Lizardmen                      60.88
Daemons                       60.67
Dwarfs                       59.5

Please note that the O&G is depressed since the ringer army was Orcs and Goblins and it took an 8 every round.

Dark Elves led the pack by a pretty wide margin followed by some of the usual suspects.  The Dark Elves in lists in general were in the “harder” end of the comp spectrum and clearly took advantage of it.  The big surprise is Tomb Kings (4 players), who did very well.  Lizardmen had a surprisingly poor showing, though there were two Carno lists.  Daemons did very poorly.  They seemed to pull High Elfs with some frequency, much to their dismay.

A look at the individual armies.  Mirror and ringer matches were pulled out.

Beastmen- 13-12 (.520).
Did well against Woodies and Ogres and poorly against O&G and TK.

Brettonians 7-9-4 (.450)
Poor showing for some pretty skilled Brett players.  2 of the 3 three Alamo winners were playing there Bretts.  However, 1 Brett player did earn second Best General.  WoC and Ogres seem to be there problem armies.

Chaos Dwarf 13-11-1 (.540)
5 armies this year.  On the whole, did very well against almost all matchups.  They struggled against WoC.  Additionally they played HE 8 times and ended with a narrow losing record against them.

Daemons 10-18 (.357)
DoC was cursed with playing High Elves 9 times, where they compiled a 1-8 record.  It was a tough draw and I am not sure why it kept occurring.  In general they struggled against most match ups accept Vamps and WoC.

Dark Elves 16-7-2 (.680)
The dominate army of the tourney scoring an excellent record against most armies.  Only Empire and Vamps seem to give them problems.

Empire 17-17-3 (.500)
An army that seemed to be able to hold its own in almost all matches.  It showed very well against Helfs while O&G seemed to have their number.

High Elfs 22-20-6 (.521)
High elves owned both Skaven and DoC, collecting over half their wins against these two armies.  They struggled against the high armor save armies such as WoC, Empire and Bretts.

Empire 18-17-3 (.513)
Empire tended to hold their own against most armies and really only did well against High Elfs.  Chaos Dwarfs an O&G were able to wrack the wins against Empire.

Lizardmen 16-16-3 (.500)
Lizards were able to take it to O&G and High Elfs.  Dark Elves, VC, TK did well against them, perhaps Death magic?

Ogres 18-13-3  (.574)
Ogres were able to give WoC a bad time along with High Elfs, Beastmen, Bretts, and TK.  However they struggled badly against Dark Elves, Empire and Skaven.

O&G 13-9-1 (.587)
O&G collected a winning record despite the low average battle score.  The ringer army was thrown out of the above record.  With the exception of Lizards and Beastmen, O&G rarely played other armies more than once or twice.  O&G really beat up on Beastmen but struggled against the Lizards.

Skaven  17-12-3 (.578)
Skaven generally performed well against all armies with the exception of 2, Dark Elves and High Elves, who accounted for 8 of their losses.   WoC in particular did unfavorably v. Skaven.

Tomb Kings  9-9-1 (.500)
The surprise of the tournament in my mind, especially given their reputation.  It seems if TK faced an army more than once, they collected a winning record (Ogres being the exception).

Vampire 12-15-6 (.453)
Another surprise as vampires underperformed what you would expect.  This is partially how soft many of the vamp armies were.  However they were one of the two armies to consistently beat the Dark Elves.  They also held their own against WoC.

WoC 27-25-9  (.516)
The most numerous army, they generally were able to scrape together winning records against most armies.  They were dominated by Skaven but did very well against High Elfs.  Oddly, they struggled against Daemons.

Wood Elves 6-8-1 (.433)
3 brave souls continue to play the woodies.  There is no real pattern other then Beastmen owned them badly.

So Dark Elves remain a dominate army,  High Elf and Daemon players are still on their learning curve, and are TK Monster Mash a viable tournament army.?

I am heading off on vacation but will try and put a Bat Rep together when I return.


  1. Hey Hinge, glad to discover your blog, here is Dark Schneider from COTEC.

    What surprises me most in this chart is the poor performance of Demons. I mean, they are the closest thing to a steamroller there is in Warhammer, and they perform pretty well here in Italy, and at the ETC they were dominant too. Even regarding that supposed tough matchup against HE, well, every good Demon player discovered they can win big simply ignoring the unit with the BotWD, and easily killing everything else on the field (there is not much archers can do against plaguebearers or beasts of nurgle). Of course I can understand that in a low-comp environment demons may struggle against heavy magic (a.k.a. six-dicing purple sun), which HE excel, so that's the reason maybe.
    Cheers and keep writing good stuff!

  2. Hey DS-

    Thanks for the comments and I hope you find my blog entertaining.

    Demons were pretty much .500 against the rest of the field when you take the High Elves out, so not all bad news for DoC. I take their poor performance with a bit of a grain of salt. It is the first major tournament on the West Coast of the US that we saw the new Demons at, so people were not up on the learning curve with them yet. None of the DoC players this year are what I would consider power gamers and the DoC builds certainly reflected this. While there were some interesting builds and a couple I liked, none were optimized tournament lists.

    Of course that could be said about the majority of the builds at QCR!

    I should be getting some content up soon.


  3. Of what I saw, Fred Whitney brought arguably the hardest list of all the DoC armies and my wife likely brought the second toughest list (mono Slaanesh and mono Nurgle, respectively) to QCR. Fred had the only win against HE, though I think the guy Jen lost to kind of slow played out her last game from what she was saying. Fred is, for my money, the most solid player in the LA area and he had the sole win against HE in three tries (all with the Skillbanner), so I do not think those results are a huge aberration. My wife is fairly new, but she has put up winning records at GTs before. The field at QCR is just really skilled, despite the tame lists.

    In short, nothing in Hengl's data suprises me, aside from the strong TK results and average showing for Empire (I expected them to perform better).

  4. Regarding my personal wood elf experience, I brought a fairly unusual list (combat oriented with zero magic and low shooting) that I practiced with extensively. I did well (could have done better if not for a mental lapse in my third game) and only my first game was a real runaway victory.

    Wins were against DoC (mono Tz softest army I have ever seen in a GT), Ogres, and O&G. Losses were to HE (one of the softer lists) and Bretts (well rounded balanced list). I think Ginger Ninja lost to a Beast player and to the DE best general winner. I am not sure about the third player.