Friday, November 15, 2013

The Hobby Wobbles

Definition:  When a hobbyist has the inability to focus on a single project, but rather jumps from one to another and not competing any. 

Yeah, I have them bad.  I have three projects/tournaments at the start of next year and am playing three different armies.

Waagh Paca-

This is an awesome tournament in the frigid wastes of Wisconsin.  I plan on playing my O&G.  In fact, I vowed to do so, so no going back.  However, army lists are 2000 rather than the normal 2,500 and I am having a tough time slimming down my normal O&G list.  One change though is to take standard Big ‘uns rather than Savage Orc Big ‘uns.  I know I am giving up a good deal of hitting power and survivability.  However, frenzy is a big liability and I made the strategic blunder of challenging one of the mid-wests top players for the first round.  I suspect he would make me pay for bringing frenzy troops.  There are a couple of other advantages to taking the Standard Big’uns.  First I do not have to pay the Lucky Shrunken Head tax, allowing me to spend points on other items as well as another arcane slot.  It also allows me to take a magic banner as well.  This may be very important as fitting both a L4 and a Warboss into a 2000 point list is unlikely.  I would not want to depend on a leadership 8 for a five game tournament.  The problem is I have no regular orcs painted, so will need to model and paint 30 of them.  Time to get cracking!  As I settle in on the final list for this event, I will post it.

US Masters-

I have been invited to the US Masters. The US Masters uses the Swedish comp system and whatever army I bring will require a redesign of my normal tournament list.  I am lending my O&G to one of my club mates, so that option is out.  My first thought is Lizardmen.  I have the majority of models and they are well painted.  However the list I am contemplating needs 36 Suarus and I have only 20 as well as a couple of scar vet heroes.  More painting.  I could rush my HE but I really do not want my first tournament with this army to be the US Masters J  WoC is another option but the army is a little long in the tooth and can use some tender loving care.  Not to mention I may need to paint a Demon prince or Skull Crushers!

Lone Wolf-

My plan is that Lonewolf will be the first tournament I play my High Elves.  This is the project that has most of my interest right now and I am excited to get them out on the table.  I have just finished assembling the army and painting a couple of test models.  Alas I will have to set it aside until I wrap up the two previous projects.  I think this is life as a hobbyist.  The project you are most excited about is the one on the back burner.

Well back to painting!


  1. This is something I've struggled with myself, I have a gigantic painting project I'm working on spread across four separate army books. I've found that the more I try to power through tons of models I'm not interested in painting the harder it is to maintain motivation. So, I intersperse models I've been looking forward to painting as I go. So, as an example... I paint up 10 Hellstriders of Slaanesh, then once I'm finished with that unit I knock out a Kdai Destroyer for my Chaos Dwarfs, etc. By doing it that way, I've got something to look forward to, instead of "another unit of that model that I hate painting".

    1. I hear you. Though I find I do most of my painting as a Tournament gets nearer!. Nothing like a little pressure to light a fire under my butt :)