Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Return to Chaos

So I played WoC the last year of 7th and the first year of 8th and had a ton of success.  I moved on and played a Carno led Lizardman army and Orcs and Goblins the last couple of years and am currently experimenting with HE.  With the US Masters coming up in a couple of months, I decided to dust off the WoC and play some serious games to see the viability of taking the army to the event. 

Holyyyyy Crap.  You ever wear ankle weights for a week and then take them off?  You feel lighter and stronger immediately.  That is the sensation I feel while playing WoC.  Hell, I am playing a far from optimized list and it still feels that way.  Frankly if you make a mistake, your troops have a decent chance of fighting their way out of it.  Oh, and not having to worry about your army being taken off by a single Purple Sun is awesome!

I am not sure how long my return to Chaos will last (I still may take Lizards to the Masters), but I am going to enjoy the time!



  1. Definitely curious to hear your thoughts on the "new Chaos". There's really a lot to like in the new book.

  2. After seeing what the best players in italy came up to for the upcoming National tournament, I have to say that lizards may be quite superior to WoC in many aspects. Just looking at the list of a friend of mine, who is also credited for the win this year, makes me realize how well-rounded the lizzies are:
    tons of skinks, loremaster slann, oldblood with piranha blade and potion of strenght, 12 ripperdactils, 2 salamanders, one unit of 6 (yes, 6!) razordons.
    Now this has the potential of taking on EVERY army. It has a lot of tricks (hand of glory+razordons, to say one), it's highly mobile, it's really hard to get points out of it, and has the tools to push for the win (rippers and oldblood).
    WoC, on the other hand, are supercool and have some heavy hitters, but they are stuck to the same old "push forward" approach, meaning you either win big or lose big.

  3. Sounds like a brutal list. The Slann and old blood are close to what I am contemplating for the US Masters. My list scores a 13.5, which is rather good, but I had to take a unit of suarus to get it there.

    However, I am really having fun playing the WoC, it has been a while. The goal the next 30 days will be settling on a Paca list. I am taking O&G and trimming down to 2000 points is tougher then it seems. The January will be dedicated on making the decioson on which army to bring to the Masters and what changes to make with the 2 version I am playing now.

  4. I've been having a hard time getting good value out of skinks since the new book, with the change to LD 5. Terradons and Chameleons especially are usually out of range to use the general's leadership, and are really easy to just panic off the board now.

  5. At the same time, the scaly skin+shields of the Javelin skinks makes them a bit of an upgrade. The Cham skinks have been dropped from my lists but I I have been able to survive the drop in Ld with the Terradons. My record with the new lizards has not been good (2-4) but I think they are still a solid choice. Skink cloud is still an optimal build, if a bit of a downer to play against.

  6. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
    I feel that there's a lot of amazing options in this book, but people gravitate towards :
    A: the same old
    B: Nurgle-dp,mix&match the rest (skullcrushers etc)

    I've faced your armies and always had a blast as you go out of the way to choose lesser known options.