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Waagh Hinge pushes inland

Sorry for the delay.  I had a trek to the mountains, braving smoke and fire to dominate all in Beer Pong as well as a con tournament that distracted my attention.  On to the conclusion of Game 1 of the Lustria Campaign.

Lizard Turn 1-

The cold one bus promptly declares a charge against the Savage Orcs.  Without steadfast, they break and are run down along with my BSB and L4.  In one go, I have thrown away my numerical advantage!.  The second skink unit moves onto the board.  The Terradons drop rocks on the tail end wolf riders, killing 2, but the gobo hero keeps them in place.
 During the magic phase, Flock puts 2 wounds on the Mangler.   
The Salamander roasts 10 night goblins, who shakily stand their ground.  However, the lizards seemed to have forgotten to bring their poison and all other shots are ineffective. 

Orcs Turn 1-

The wolves counter charge the terradons, bravely passing through the hurled javelins.  The Mangler goes bounding towards the Basilidon with murderous intent while Warboss Hinge eyes the giant steg on the hill.  He has heard they are good eating!  The gobo shaman, seeing a chance to impress Hinge, orders his body guard to turn towards the sallie and release the fanatics.  One plows throw the creature but only kills 1 of the handlers.  In the front of the column, wolves and chariots prepare to protect the warmachines from skinks while Arock whips around the house.  Is it to hide from the CO bus or perhaps he saw some tasty morsels out that way. 
The warmachines un limber.  The bolt thrower scores a hit on the Basilidon but fails to wound.  Both doom divers prove shockingly ineffective, scoring a single wound on the armored creature.  The Rock Lobba still is unloading its ammo and seems it will be out of action for another turn. 
In a shocking display of martial skill the Wolf riders slay a Terradon with with the loss of one of their own, but fail to run the terradons down down. 

Lizardmen Turn 2

The Steg goes rumbling down the hill and smashes the troll to pulp.  The cold one bus turns to start a rampage down the line.  A skink unit enters a house to toss javelins at the giant spider while the priest continues to cower behind it.  It was placed such that any one of my units that could charge were in the models front arc, which was sheltered by the house.  The terradons fail to rally. 

The priest is able to toss an amber spear at a chariot but only does 2 wounds. 

The sallie roasts another 5 goblins while skinks finish off the mangler. 

Orc Turn 2 

Warboss Hinge charges the ancient steg and slays it in a single round WAAAAAGH!!  The Gobbo warboss, angling to look good in front of his boss charges into a swamp and kills the Sallie, though taking a wound from the treacherous footing.  Finally, the Arock charges the building and kills 8 skinks, the survivors bravely holding his ground.  Other units maneuver, including two of the warmachines.  The troll fails an important march test.  And follws after his leader as best he can (I wanted to use him to divert the CO bus.  I knew I was going to be out of range of the general soon and felt it would give me another round of shooting.  Who knows, maybe he would survive and force a pursuit as well.  It was not to be. 

While two of its fellows are looking to get out of the way, one doom diver takes a shot at the skink unit, hoping to panic them off the board.  Unfortunately they are not easily scared off. 

Lizards Turn 3

The coldone bus charges a doom diver, overruns just short of the nigh goblins.  The terradones, while every other unit is looking to get out of the orcs arcs. 

Orc turn 3

The troll, now out of range of his master, fails a stupidity check.   The chariot charges the Terradons and wipes them out.  I thought about trying to overrun into the CO Bus but decided not to.  The Arock comes back from behind the house and along with the chariot and wolf riders, unlimber their shortbows.  In a rain of arrows, the skink priest takes three wounds, but makes 2 of his armor saves!  Damn scaly skin.  The bolt thrower kills two of the cold ones, while the doom diver takes out several more.  The NG Shaman decides it might be safer to leave his body guard. 

Lizard turn 4

The coldones charge the night goblins, then the shaman, both who flee.  Skinks move closer to targets for their javelins but fail to do any wounds. 

Orc Turn 4

With nowhere to hide the Basilidon must take a charge from Warboss hinge and is chased off the table.  The night goblins continue to flee while the Arock finally hunts down the skink priest.  The doom diver once again dismounts a couple of coldones. 

Lizard turn 5

The coldones brush the lone wolf rider aside and turns are getting quick.

Orc Turn 5

The gobo boss charges the skink priests unit.  The night goblins rally and prepare for another flee.  The Doom diver saves its best shot for last and brings the Cold one unit down to 1 model.  The Gobbo hero chases off the skink priest. 

Lizard turn 6

The coldone bus decides to go stupid!  The turn passes

Orc turn 6

The night goblins decide to go all heroic, fail an animosity and charge into the CO Bus.  The General rolls his eyes and declares the flank charge to support the NG.  The chariot tries to do the same but fails its charge. 

The night goblin summons up the great green and is able to get Sneaky stabin on the general.  The lizard BSB steps forward and challenges Warboss Hinge, in a fury, the Wyvern and Warboss smash the BSB who makes several re-rollable 6+  and 5+ to keep a single wound!  The night goblins surge forward and are able to drag down the last CO but are wiped out in return.  The warboss is forced to take leadership 8 check to stick and does so. 

We count it up and it is a very narrow victory to the Lizards, despite having only 2 models left on the board!  It was amazingly close at the end and could have easily gone my way.  The BSB failing one of those saves brings it to a draw.  Same with a single night goblin surviving.  Actually in the later, I win combat and the general would be forced to make a break test, who knows. 

My mistakes were mostly in deployment.  Knowing he could crush any single unit on the first turn, I should have had all my characters deployed outside of their units.  However, with the loss of my hardest unit and two important characters, the rest of my force was very fast and able to avoid combat and bleeding off many more points.  However, it just was not enough to make up for that first turn. 

I thoroughly enjoyed playing something different then the standard tournament style play.  It does not hurt that my opponent is a perennial Best Sports contender at any tournament he plays in!

I will need to fight my way off the beach once again, let’s hope it is a different scenario!  The Lizards get as their reward a free stratagem next game.  Tony and I will try and get the game in this month.  

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