Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lustria Campaign- Intro and Deployment for Engagement 1

GW has put out a product in electronic booklet form only called Warhammer Battles.  I recently purchased the Lustria version of this and decided to venture away from my standard tournament oriented style of play.  A buddy of mine, Tony, quickly agreed we would give this mini campaign a try.  The campaign would be 3-5 games.  We departed from some of our traditional playing conventions and decided on closed lists and full special terrain rules.  However, the one model that had to remain the same was the general.

Warboss Hinge
Orc Warboss, Light Armor, Wyvern, Sword of Might, Charmed Shield, ToP, OTS

Lord Antonisssssssss
Oldblood, Shield, Cold One, Sword of Might, Crown of Command, ToP.

So the great WAAAAGH HINGE invades Lustria in search of the great artifact known as the “Never Empty Keg”.  Little does he know that a mighty host of lizards are gathering to stop him.

The Campaign uses a chart (different for each engagement) to determine the scenario to be used.  Each side determines a strategy based on those offered his side in that particular engagement.  You cross reference the two choices and find out what the scenario is and if there are any modifications.  

So Engagement One - "The Landing".  Being an Orc, I decided on a simple straight ahead approach and choose Invade while the wily Lizards choose Ambush.  We ended up with the Scenario Surprise Attack!

In this scenario, Tony could only take 66% of his force.  However he was given some advantages.  The first is he was able to choose 2 strategems and he choose extra points for his Coldone unit and the other was to destroy one of my magic items (he had to guess and I if it was in my list I had to eliminate it).  He choose dispel scroll.   However the major advantage was that my army would be strung out on a road, with no unit wider than 4 models, and he would have first turn.  Yikes! Check out my deployment.   

The armies:

Waaagh Hinge

Warboss Hinge
Orc Great Shaman, L4, Lunky Shrunken Head, Obsidain Trinket (Brain Busta, Hand, Ere We Go, Foot)
Black Orck BSB, Tal End, Shield, Dragonhelm
Gobbo Shaman, L2, Scroll (Sneaky Stabbin, Itchy)
Goblin, Wolf, LA, Enchated Shield, Shrieking Blade, DB Gem

30 SO Big uns, FC
20 Night Gobs, Mus, Std, Nets, 2x fanatics
5 wolf riders, spear, shield, mus
5 wolf riders, spear, sh
2x1 trolls
3x1 Wolf Chariots
Spear chukka
2x Doom Divers
Rock Lobba

Ancient Host of Lord Antoniusssssssss
Lord Antoniusssss
Scar vet, BSB, CO, LA, GW, DB Helm, Dawnstone, Iron CUrse Icon
Skink Priest, scroll, (Flock)  -Off table in reserves\
Skink Priest L2, cube, (Wysans, Amber Spear)

10 Skink Skrimishers, Javelins -off board in reserves
10 skink skrimishers, javelins
10 Coldones, Musso
3 terradones
ancient steg

Note that the scenario rules state that while Tony had to design a force at 2,500 that met all requirments, we had to remove 34% of the point total by dropping whole units.  He did not need to maintain min. core.

Will Warboss Hinge be able to fight its way out of the cunning trap or will it be pushed back into the sea.   Stay tuned.

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