Saturday, March 1, 2014

US Masters debrief #1

Well I am back from the US Masters.  I have to say I had a blast.  The games were fun and socializing with players from different regions was top notch.  I ended up hanging out with the SoCal boys Thursday night, the Texans Friday night, the Midwesterners Saturday night and even amazed the North Easterners with a bottle of rum and tales of Carnosuar glory on Sunday night.

If you think one Carnosuar is good, wait until I bring 3!!!!!!!

The vibe I got was that everyone was having a great time.  I had no rules issues what so ever and game play was at a high standard.  I witnessed a couple of episodes of bad play but really it was no more or less from any other tournament I attended. 

Unfortunately there has been a fair amount of negative posts on various forums.  I can only subscribe this to:

I find it funny that much of the negativity is from people who were not there.

Well on to the list I brought.  The event used Swedish comp, allowing a victory point bonus to the “softer” list.  I ended up dusting off the WoC and bringing them.  The list would score a 13.4, making one of the softer lists in the tournament, allowing me to start anywhere from 100 to 500 points up. 

Chaos Lord, MoT, Disc, Sword of Might, Armor of Fortune, Dawnstone, Thirdeye, scaled skin, soul feeder, shield.    Fast, mobile, and durable. 

Exalted, BSB, chaos steed, ToP, Burning body, halberd

Sorc, L2, MoN, Enchanted Shield, Chalice, Scroll, Lore of Nurgle-  The Chalice was a mistake

Sorc, L2, Steed, MoT, Lore of Tzeetch, Chaos Familiar, DB Gem

14 Warriors, MoN, FC, Banner of Swiftness, Halberds
2x Chariot, MoS
2 x War Hounds
2 x Marauder Horse, Flails
12 Chosen, MoT, FC, Razor Standard, Shields
5 Choas Knights, Gleaming Pendant, Std, Mus, MoT

The Lord was amazing and I wish I had kept the same set up for Lonewolf (I had to submit my list before the masters).  I also really liked my magic phase as it had an excellent mix of long range damage with hex/buffing.  The down side is the list is slow and it was tough to push for a big win. 

Next up, run down of the games.  

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