Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The High Elfs

So with the pending release of Dark Elves, I have kicked the painting on the High Elves in gear.  Here is the army list I have been toying with.

Loremaster, Book of Hoeth, ToP
Noble, BSB, Reaver Bow, PoT of Strength, Dragon Armor, shield, Halberd 
15 Archers, Banner, Mus
10 Archers, Banner, Mus
6 SilverHelms, Mus, Std, shields
5 Reavers, Mus
5 Reavers, Mus
15 Phoenix Guard, Mus, Std, Razor Std.
16 White Lions, Std, BotWD
6 Dragon Princes, Std, Mus, Banner of Eternal Flame
Tiranoc Chariot
5 Sisters
Flamespyre Phoenix
2x Eagle Claws
2x1 Eagles

A lot of drops.  I think the big change for me is two very expensive banners.  The first is the hated BotWD.  I thought long and hard about including this.  It is on a 16 man unit, which makes it very, very fragile but pricey.  This goes against my basic MSU philosophy in that all units are expendable.  Losing this one hurts and I had better be prepared to win it back.  Also, the temptation to stick characters in the unit is going to be great, making it even a bigger target.  Add that in this list I generally do not want my characters in combat (unlike my last three armies), I am going to have to be very careful with how I use this unit.  However, against certain match ups I think it will show well.  I also have some good ideas from my old WoC list that may come into play.

The other is the PG unit with Razor Banner.  This unit is proving to be more durable then I had originally thought.  -2 to the armor save makes it harder hitting then you would think, especially since it hits a lot.  Throw in 2 hexes and a buff spell and it is dicey engaging this unit. 

Flamespyre Phoenix.  I know that conventional wisdom says to take Frosty.  It is too damn good.  I have my reasons for going this route.  First, every High Elf list now has frosty, time to differentiate.  Second, Monsters are moving to the fore as far as Meta, which means you can expect to see many cannons.  I am trying to minimize cannon targets so you have wasted the points.  The fact that you can shoot me down and I can come back to life later means those cannon shots are wasted.  Or you can shoot at 70 point models.  Third, like all MSU, I will struggle against steadfast.  Wake of Fire should make those units pay.  Finally, the paint scheme on the sisters came out so well, with the flaming bows v. the cloaks, this will be an army wide color scheme.  With most of the primary color being a super light blue, having the center piece model contrast should be awesome.  Oh and I get to sculpt flames on the base!

I think this army can play several different way depending on match up.  The critical element I feel is that I can get the edge on the Chaff war then grab the initiative. 


PS  I will get a picture up of progress when I get a chance

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